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Essentials Detect

  • $0/mo
  • 1 app
  • 14 days of data history
  • Up to 5 million requests/mo
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Essentials Protect

  • $199/mo
  • Up to 3 apps
  • 30 days of data history
  • Up to 50 million request/mo
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  • $999/mo
  • Up to 10 apps
  • 1 year of data history
  • per 100 million requests/mo up to 500 million requests
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  • Flexible number of apps
  • Flexible data history range
  • Unlimited requests/mo
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Essentials Detect

Essentials Protect



Real time security analytics

Account Takeover Protection

IMMUNIO Account Takeover Protection (ATO) uses behavioral analysis of user activity, threat intelligence feeds, and a slew of other identification techniques to detect and stop botnets and attackers from compromising your user accounts. IMMUNIO’s ATO features are the fastest and easiest way to stop credential stuffing attacks by identifying bots and serving them captchas - all without the need for your developers to get involved.

Session Farming


Common Username

Credential Stuffing

Stolen Accounts

Suspicious Behaviors and Actors

IMMUNIO identifies suspicious behaviors, tools, and actors and allows you easily manage and understand activity from the threat actors. Attackers can no longer easily run exploitation tools against your site, and attackers and bots will no longer be able to run scans against your site unnoticed.

Exploitation Tool Protection

Scanning Tool Detection

Application Protection

IMMUNIO’s Runtime Application Self Protection (RASP) technology works inside your application to identify and stop some of the most common and dangerous attacks (such as the OWASP top 10) that allows attackers to steal your data, compromise your servers, and impact your customers. Even though you are protected against exploitation, IMMUNIO still pinpoints exactly where the vulnerabilities in the code base are, so that developers can remediate the code.

Cross-Site Scripting

SQL Injection


File Access

HTTP Response Splitting

Remote Command Execution

Advanced Features

On-premise deployment

Advanced custom events and scripts