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Our Team

Immunio Web App Security Team

Executive Team

Zaid Al Hamami

Co-founder & CEO

A devoted technologist and visionary entrepreneur with a passion for security, Zaid is the Co-Founder and CEO at IMMUNIO. Zaid has a keen eye for marrying innovative product with market opportunity, zeroing in on what solutions will provide impact on a global scale.

Born and raised in Jordan, Zaid became a security enthusiast and code junkie in his early teen years. Eventually, he would move to Canada to study and work. Coming of age professionally in parallel with the cloud technology movement, he saw a huge opportunity for Security-as- a-Service, and an extremely ineffective marketplace for realtime web application protection, and founded IMMUNIO to challenge the status quo and redefine how web applications are protected.

Prior to founding IMMUNIO, Zaid was head of product management at Canonical/Ubuntu where he was responsible for the entire portfolio of Server and Service products, and an instrumental part of the organization North American and European expansion. Previously, he managed the bulk of the world online air travel technology at SITA.

Zaid holds a Bachelor’s in Computer Engineering degree from McGill University, and an MBA from MIT.

Mike Milner

Co-founder & CTO

A critical thinker and technical strategist with a measured approach to effective execution, Mike is the Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer at IMMUNIO. While he's witnessed the breadth of opportunities technology and data intelligence have created for business and government, Mike's focus has always been on the vulnerabilities.

Between fighting cybercrime for the Canadian government and working for security agencies overseas, Mike has developed a deep understanding of the global security landscape and how the underground economy dictates hacks and ultimately drives breaches. This unique experience paired with his robust technical prowess helped Mike uncover what the next generation of security software should look like in IMMUNIO.

Prior to founding IMMUNIO, Mike was a lead member of the technical staff at Salesforce.com where he gained insight into the business side of web applications. He also served as a software engineer at Canonical, working on the world's most popular free operating system, Ubuntu, following his time serving both the Canadian and UK Government.

Oliver Lavery

VP of Research

An inquisitive white hat hacker who deems the best way to secure is to first break in, Oliver is the VP of Research at IMMUNIO. Oliver is a brilliant technologist who is constantly evaluating -- determining how to penetrate the world's most secure systems, then figuring out how to protect them.

After dropping out of high school to become a full-time hacker, Oliver has seen it all when it comes to IT vulnerabilities. He came to IMMUNIO after realizing the huge potential for RASP technology and evaluating the strength of the software himself (by trying to crack it, of course). Bringing his always curious eye to the organization, along with his deep expertise in computer systems and software code, Oliver has become a foundational part of the IMMUNIO leadership team.

Prior to IMMUNIO, Oliver did consulting for some of the world's largest banks at Gotham Digital Science Ltd. There he was tasked with hacking into systems then working to fix the vulnerabilities he identified. Oliver also spent time directing security research at nCircle (now Tripwire), was a manager at Security Compass and Chief Scientist at PivX Solutions.

Stéphan LeFrançois

VP of Engineering

A tested leader, known for building scalable, complex solutions ahead of schedule, Stéphan Lefrançois is the VP of Engineering at IMMUNIO. Stéphan's strong technical background paired with his acute interest in spearheading innovation, allows him to develop cutting edge software on-time, all the time.

Having led teams of developers for web applications, mobile applications and media processing, Stéphan has successfully built architectures for numerous cloud services. His track record of rolling out major software initiatives − in the matter of weeks − speaks volumes to his ability to work in fast-paced and agile environments. He brings his expertise to IMMUNIO that will help take our solution to the next level.

Prior to IMMUNIO, Stéphan led the quality assurance, client and server software development teams at FANS Entertainment, a SaaS platform for content management services. He also spent time as team lead and scrum master at NorthForge Innovations and was head of the server platform and architecture team for Oz Communication throughout its acquisition by Nokia.

Board of Directors