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Runtime Application Self-Protection Features

What you can do with IMMUNIO

The majority of software applications are not written with security in mind.

IMMUNIO augments applications with the necessary protection services and hardens applications against common attacks targeting typical security weaknesses.

Weak authentication and session management.

Code vulnerabilities that can lead to malicious code execution and data exfiltration on the server.

Drive-by attacks and Cross-Site Scripting attacks that target other users of the application and their credentials, credit card information and other sensitive data.

Security Testing Tools For Web Application


Threat landscapes that your web application experience when deployed in production.

Intelligence about common attacks and malicious user behavior helps with prioritization of remediation and protection. IMMUNIO provides visibility into web application attacks and attackers including detailed diagnostics about attack types, source of attacks, attempted exploits and targeted vulnerabilities.


Web Application Attacks


Critical vulnerabilities that are introduced either through poor coding practices, or through outdated, or otherwise vulnerable dependencies.

IMMUNIO pinpoints web application vulnerabilities down to the line of code. Unlike traditional static and dynamic scanners, IMMUNIO reports only exploitable vulnerabilities thus reducing waste and friction in the secure development lifecycle.


Runtime Application Self-Protection


User accounts and integrity of server code and web client templates.

In web application security, time is of the essence and remediation expertise is often sparse. Upgrading to the more secure versions of application frameworks and remediating web application vulnerabilities in own code can take time. IMMUNIO prevents exploitation of vulnerabilities in your code, supporting frameworks and weak security authentication measures with virtually no impact on application performance.


Web Application Security Attacks

Easy Install

IMMUNIO is optimized for quick installation and fully autonomous operation with minimal onboarding and fully automated adjustments to frequent web application code changes.

IMMUNIO is Easy to install and use, installation takes only 2 minutes and absolutely NO changes to the web application code are required.

Application Security Testing Tools

Add your app to the IMMUNIO dashboard

Application Vulnerability Assessment

Add and Initialize IMMUNIO library to your app

Web Application Security Tools

Check the IMMUNIO dashboard to see that the agent is running


IMMUNIO detects 19 different types of web application security threats and provides automated protection for 11 types of threats while keeping performance impact to 5% of typical application performance *

IMMUNIO provides Industry leading performance, accuracy and breadth of protection.

* actual performance results vary between applications



Comprehensive Language and Framework Support

IMMUNIO is the only fully automated Runtime Application Self-Protection solution for Ruby and Python that does not require any changes to the web application code.

IMMUNIO supports a broad language and framework support including Python, Ruby and Java.

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