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Web Application Security Blog

Building Security into the Software Development Lifecycle

POSTED BY  Oliver Lavery on Jul 20, 2016
Jul 20 2016

It’s difficult, if not impossible, to build web application software that’s 100 percent secure. Even with a top-notch development team, mistakes are an inevitable reality of writing software. Some of these software defects can impact security:...

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Benefits of stream processing for experiments

POSTED BY  Marc Labbé on Dec 10, 2015
Dec 10 2015

We recently started a process of moving from a normalized SQL schema in PostgreSQL to a denormalized NoSQL database. During this process, we are able to experiment different approaches using applications working with both databases at the same...

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Reduced Downtime with Marathon Deploys

POSTED BY  James Bowes on Aug 27, 2015
Aug 27 2015

Marathon and Mesos are great tools for simplifying the deployment and operation of your services. With a friendly UI or REST API you can start and stop services, scale up, deploy a new version, or rollback to a previous version of a service. It...

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