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IMMUNIO Joins Forces with Trend Micro !

Zaid Al Hamami on Nov 27, 2017

Today I am thrilled to announce that IMMUNIO has been acquired by Trend Micro.

Our journey started 4 years ago, when Mike and I were frustrated with how difficult it was to secure a web application that we had been developing. One had to accept real compromises when it came to web application security. For example:

  • You could have accuracy, but that would take days of painful tuning based on regular expressions. You would have to keep this up to date as the code and functionality of your app changes.
  • You could have ease of deployment and maintenance, but that meant the protection was quite easy to bypass
  • You could do some form of code analysis, which would find some bugs, but not all, for some languages, but not all.
  • You could rely on pen testing, but had no idea of how complete the testing was. There were also lots of issues around accuracy . Oh, and this would have to be a continuous operation as your code changes. Also, if you wanted good testing, you had to hire good testers, and those weren’t cheap.

Needless to say, we both were unconvinced that this was the best the market should offer. The story then goes like most other startups’. Whiteboards, discussions, prototypes, excitement, in our case patents, and then, many months later, finally a round of financing. This was back in 2013, and we were one of the very first companies in what came to be called the Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP) space.

It has been 4 years since, and during that time, we’ve built an amazing team, acquired some of the best visionary customers any startup could ask for, and built a technology that continues to get us praise when we show it.

Somewhere along the way we got to know Trend Micro quite well. For those that don’t know, Trend Micro is the world’s largest cloud security company, having protected billions of instance hours on AWS to date.

Trend, in fact was the very first of the big security vendors to figure out that cloud was going to be a big thing. Since then, Trend has maintained its vision of securing the cloud that encompasses all levels of the stack, have a great track record of acquiring companies and having them thrive in their organization. Trend happens to also be one of the most successful cyber security businesses.

The cloud is of course where most web apps will live one day….

Working within Trend, we believe we will be able to rapidly increase the pace at which the technology matures, and the technology we built will be deployed farther and faster than we could think of...

In Trend, we found the perfect partner that shares our vision of protecting the Web Apps and API’s that make the web what it is today. Trend believes that the shift to cloud as well as devops presents a unique opportunity to “do things the right way”.

Therefore, when the opportunity presented itself - the founders, execs, and the investors of IMMUNIO did not have to mull it over too long. This is truly a unique opportunity to continue securing what we can in this world wide web...

We are excited to be part of Trend Micro, where the journey continues...