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Steve Williams

An exceptionally adaptive technical specialist with a love for the hard problems, Steve is a Security Researcher at IMMUNIO. Steve has a passion for using data and creativity to identify, protect and defend against attacks. With several years spent working for and with UK Government organizations, Steve has a unique perspective into security threats. Steve saw huge potential for using IMMUNIO to protect applications and jumped onboard. He combines his prior experience with exceptional data analysis skills to develop advanced algorithms for threat detection. Prior to joining IMMUNIO, Steve led research and development of highly bespoke capability, working across UK and international organizations. He holds CISSP certification and specialized in the analysis of cryptographic networking protocols, gaining a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Bristol, UK.

Recent Posts

Threat Intelligence

POSTED BY  Steve Williams on Jan 24, 2017
Jan 24 2017

Websites are able to collect massive amounts of information about the people browsing them. This can be used for a wide range of analytics, including marketing, driving sales or displaying relevant adverts. However, all this information can also...

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